Saturday, July 20, 2013

Inspiring Others to Raise Awareness

For 5 years I have participated in Walk MS. Family and friends walk with me showing their support and offering their encouragement. Others make generous donations. But for the first time, a longtime friend, also named Caroline, has formed a team in my honor and is participating in Bike MS Portland, Oregon! I was so touched when Caroline told me she was doing this and in awe when I heard that the ride is 2 days! Bike MS is August 3-4th, so just a couple weeks away. Caroline named her team Kaliope Oregon after my Walk MS team, Team Kaliope.

Caroline is showing her support in a whole new way and is not only raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis, but raising funds.

The money that is raised for the National MS Society is so important and helps many people. If you would like to donate to Caroline to support her efforts, click here to get to Caroline’s secure webpage.

Caroline and I have been friends for about 20 years, originally becoming friends through pen palling. We would write pages and pages to each other (sometimes close to 20 pages!) talking about everything. Through the drama of high school, boyfriends and parents we would support each other and offer advice. Now, years later Caroline is showing her friendship in such an amazing way. We have met a few times (three times, I believe) when Caroline visited Boston and now keep in touch through email. I have yet to visit Portland, but hope to get out there someday.

Through thick and thin Caroline and I have been there for each other long distance.  I know when I am walking for Walk MS, Caroline is there with me in spirit and in a few weeks when she is biking, I will be cheering her on from across the States!