Monday, January 25, 2016

Something On Our Minds (Volume III)

Something On Our Minds Volume III is now available for purchase! I worked with 3 others - Laura, Tracy and Sean to put together and edit this anthology to benefit the Accelerated Cure Project for MS ( It was a lot of fun reading the submissions and contributing 3 new poems of my own.

To see this book come together over time has been a real pleasure and a labor of love for all us. I am so thankful I was invited to help put together this anthology and am proud to have my name on the cover. I hope I can help to promote this book to be a great success. It is a real dream come true!

It was also a lot of fun having my MS friends also contribute to this book. Yvonne DeSousa,  Judy Crowne Olsen and Mary Pettigrew to name a few.

Abe was also able to contribute as by drawing a brain "dingbat" that was used throughout the book to separate paragraphs.

You can purchase SOOM Volume III on CreateSpace as well as Amazon.