Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Celebrities With MS

Recently it was announced that Jack Osbourne has Multiple Sclerosis.  I am sorry to hear that he has MS, but I am glad that he has shared his diagnosis with the world and is bringing attention to MS.

Unfortunately, the media has dramatized Jack Osbourne’s diagnosis and there is a lot of misinformation given. For example, on the cover of People magazine, Sharon Osbourne, Jack’s mother, is being quoted saying “I’m Not Going to Let My Son Die!”  As we know, people with MS have long, fulfilling lives and Jack Osbourne along with all of us, are not in danger of dying anytime soon.  It is such a shame that is what People magazine decided to focus on for their cover. However, the article in the magazine, I thought was well written and brought the right kind of awareness to MS.

When I was first diagnosed with MS in 2006 I turned to books to learn about MS and found that there were many autobiographies of celebrities with MS. I read about Terri Garr, Montel Williams and David Lander aka “Squiggy.” Nancy Davis brings awareness to MS in a different way. Every year she hosts the Race to Erase MS Gala.  A lot of celebrities attend and therefore media attention is brought to the event. The Gala recently took place and I saw clips of it on some entertainment shows. Nancy Davis raises money to help end MS and I hope that with the new attention Jack Osbourne has brought to MS, that this year there will be even more support to help end MS and that there may even be a cure in my lifetime!


  1. I hated this! I was diagnosed right around the same time and my mother cried in the checkout line looking at this cover. The worst!

  2. I know! They could have picked another quote that would have been just as effective for their sales, but not outragous and not true! In the next issue they did issue an apology of sorts, which I was glad about, but the damage was already done.

  3. I was horrified when I saw that headline on the magazine! I spent the last four years assuring my teenaged kids that MS is not going to make me die, and to have that headline out there. I was very angry. Thankfully, my kids didn't know the situation with Jack, and I don't think even saw the magazine.

    1. I am glad your kids didn't see the magazine cover. I can't imagine having to try to explain MS to kids and try to reassure them you will be ok. :P